Excel and Achieve

Nathan Hale Magnet Middle School prides itself on preparing its students for success in high school and beyond. One of the expectations is that every student improves academically each day. All curricula is filled with rigor and an extensive gifted program is available.



Expanded Learning Time

Nathan Hale Magnet Middle School implemented Expanded Learning Time (ELT) in 2009-2010 school year.  We are the only school in the Midwest that uses this unique schedule. ELT gives your student the opportunity to take eight elective courses during the school year.  Each student takes two electives from each category throughout the year.  The elective terms last for one quarter and two ELTs are taken each quarter.  Nathan Hale has partnered with many area businesses to provide these outstanding learning opportunities.  We are very thankful for their willingness to assist us!


America I AmStudents work with maps, objects, documents, prints, and other historical items that illustrate the ways in which African Americans had a profound impact on the nation. Students will research one person looking for information and creating a multi-media documentary about the person.
Guilty or Not Guilty - You be the Judge!By selecting a case that interests them, researching the law, assignming parts and acting out the trial in front of a jury of their peers, students learn firsthand about the law by participating in a mock trial. Students learn about the different careers in the legal field through role playing, research, and guests who work in law enforcement and the courts.
Dancing ClassroomsCalling all dancers! Through Dancing Classrooms, students will broaden their experiences, create healthy relationships with others, learn social awareness, and become ladies and gentlemen.
Our CourtsCalling all jury members, lawyers, court reporters and judges who would like to understand how the United States judicial system operates. Investigating court cases and participating in mock trials are just a few of many interesting things this ELT has to offer.
Sports LeadershipThe course is intended to combine leadership and social justice themes to problems associated with the sporting world. This ELT will also focus on issues associated with being a middle school and high school athlete. Take this ELT if you are interested in sporting culture, and learning more about today's issues in sports.
Cooking Camp/Food ScienceThis class introduces the student to basic procedures in cooking. The student will learn about safety and sanitation procedures in the kitchen, along with measuring, and preparation methods. They will be exposed to the different methods of cooking, such as boiling, baking, and frying.
Gardening/AgricultureStudents will work with specialists int eh field of horticulture to learn about growing fruits, vegetables and flowers.
Music Composition/Arts & CommunicationStudents will be working with Garage band to create their own master mix of tracks. You will leave class with your own CD filled with the music you have created. You will even have the opportunity to sing or rap with your music to truly make it your own sound.
Robotics/Technical ScienceThe future is here and it involves robots! Be the first to get in on this exciting use of technology. This exploratory course will focus on the history of robotics, as well as a hands on experience in which students get to interact with robotics.
Weight Training/Health ScienceThis enrichment introduces students to the fundamentals of weight training. Explore the proper ways to strengthen and build muscles. Warm ups, cool downs, and training regimes will be taught.
Digital Media Literacy/CommunicationThis class that teaches students what it means to be a responsible citizen in a digital world. The class works through common issues and leans about current trends in the digital world.
Acting & ProducingWhat really is entailed in a movie? What do actors actually do to get ready for their role? These questions will be answered in this ELT. Students will study the history of film and television and do an in-depth study of how present day videos transpired.
Film StudyIn Film Appreciation, students will have the opportunity to learn about literacy techniques and theme through observing and analyzing several different genres of film. Students will read texts and write enduring understandings of the films they view in class. Students will become familiar with the interpretative language of the film, readying the fim as text, and creating critical arguments about the analysis of the text.
JournalismThis class will produce a Patriot Pride publication each term. The students are the writers and the masterminds behind this publication. Students can take this class as an introduction to Journalism and as an advances class for those who took the course last year. Assignments will be differentiated by subject and style. Students need critical reading and writing skills. Special attention will be focused on reading comprehension and writing strong paragraphs and essays.
Language Arts PathwaysThis course is designed to help hone and polish critical reading and writing skills. Special attention will be focused on reading comprehension and writing strong paragrphs and essays.
Poetry Caf�"Come on people! These poems are not going to appreciate themselves!" These are the wise words of Bart Simpson, and he is correct. It is time to start reading, writing and "appreciating" good poetry. Join the ELT called Poetry Caf�, and you will be given the opportunity to read wonderful poetry, to learn how to write better poetry using figurative language, and to share your masterpieves in a coffee shop setting. Sign up now for a "finger-snapping" good time.
The Power of ChoiceStudents will have the power of choice as to what they want to read in young adult literature. Students will create reading journals and novel profects. This ELT is for motivated readers and learners.
Readers are LeadersLead other students to books they will love. Read both fiction and non-fiction book; then, review them for the entire school. Students will get to selct books that will challenge and interest their peers. They will work individually and in groups to produce posters, bulletin boards, video commercials and announcements that promote their favorites. Written critiques will be posted on the library computers to help other students select great books.
Environmental ImpactYour Carbon Footprint: Learn about positives and negatives of our changing planet. How much do humans really impact the eco system? This curriculum would be supported by Project Wild, Project Aquatic, Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife, and also maybe activities from TinkFrog.
Leading with ScienceThis elective is designed to challenge students through innovative labs and hands-on exploration. Do you like competitions? Come explore the world of science inquiry through science fair projects.
Nano LegendsThis elective is an innovative video game about he science of cells and cancer. Passive and active transport, cell structure, celldivision, the functions or organelles, cell respiration, DNA, MRNA, protein synthesis, and cause/effect of cancer are integral concepts the player learns and uses to win the game.
School SproutsPeppers, carrots, and tomatoes. OH MY! You will learn how to grow food and make healthy snacks. You will also learn about composting and how to take care of the environment. In School Sprouts, you will sprout from a beginning gardener to a master gardener in no time.
Science PathwaysThis class will focus on honing science skills through inquiry-based studies that support the science standards.
Simple MachinesCome dive into the world of levers, pulleys, wheels, and axles. Do you ever wonder why things work the way they do? Do you like to build things? Investigate and learn how to build your own simple machines. You will discover that simple machines are a part of your everyday life and the world around you.